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Are You Truly Committed?

NY Report, By: Matthew Weiss, December 2009. 

Matthew Weiss, a New York traffic lawyer and the Global Learning Chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, was inspired by Kevin’s story of recovering financial disaster in the wake of the recent real estate collapse. Matthew claims that the reason he writes about resolutions and commitment is because of Kevin Daum. In Matthew’s words, “Kevin performed one of the bravest and most vulnerable acts of commitment that I have ever witnessed, and it provides an amazing business lesson about achieving goals.”


Kevin’s speaking at Fortune Growth Summit

Fortune Leadership Summit, Gazelles Inc.  May 2012

Sharing the stage with famous author, Jim Collins, Kevin is proud to keynote on the topic of video marketing and sharing tips from his latest bestseller, Video Marketing for Dummies, in front of 500 CEOs and their executive teams.

The 2012 FORTUNE Leadership Summit hosts the top thought leaders, best-selling authors, and practitioners in leadership, strategy, management, HR, and execution.


Kevin On The Advertising Show

April, 2011 – The Advertising Show

Co-hosts Brad Forsythe and Ray Schilens interview Kevin Daum, author of ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle, on the Advertising Show. Kevin is the National Columnist for Smart business Magazine and founder of “The Awesome Experience” (TAE) International, a marketing consultancy.He is an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, whose sales and marketing techniques resulted in more than $1 billion in sales with a 95% pull-through rate.


Optimistic Chest Tattoo Indicates Credibility of Marketing Expert

Gawker – April, 2010

Kevin’s idea of commitment is definitely corky and different. He tattooed the New York Times Best Seller backward on his chest so he can see it every morning in the mirror. When you check out Kevin’s tattoo, ask yourself – what’s your tattoo?


Video Interview Of Kevin Daum, Author of ROAR!

January, 2010 – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

In his interview with the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Kevin Daum reveals what his new book ROAR! is all about. He shares the four buyer strategies and how to navigate them to get more sales.